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The Journal of a Turk


1 April
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Reno The Turk
God, nobody tells me anything! How was I supposed to
know the Company set up Journals for everyone?! Of
course I jazzed mine up to be better than everyone else's.
Anyway this is my Journal, and I can say whatever I want
about you jackass' if you have a problem with it don't
read it you dipshit. God, people can be so stupid. Anyway.
I think I've said enough haven't I?

Disclaimer : I don't Own Reno, I stole him from Squaresoft the creators of Final Fantasy. I'm sorry if you dislike the way I portray him. Also a small warning this Journal May contain Mature Content not intended for people under the age of 17-18. This includes sexual content, violence, and heavy language.

Also I don't RP with a certain group, I RP On my own, if you wish to RP with me, and start a group let me know, I would consider it.